Individual therapy is an opportunity for you to explore what is holding you back from the things you want in a supportive environment. It is a place where you can deal with issues like social anxiety, grief and loss surrounding severed relationships or the death of a loved one or an inability to form or sustain satisfying relationships. The environment is non-judgmental, supportive and collaborative. Together we will explore what you wish to achieve in therapy and build an individualized plan to meet those goals. As your therapist, I won't simply sit and nod my head and offer vague supportive statements without meaning. I will ask you questions that may feel uncomfortable but are necessary for growth. I will point out when your actions do not seem to match the goals you have set for yourself. Finally, I will help you find new ways to approach problems, cope with difficulties and look at life as a whole.

Individual therapy sessions last 50 minutes and generally occur once weekly.

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Contact: Aurora Mandy (925) 864-4042