Family therapy generally involves the entire family but changes can be made even when only part of the family is willing or able to attend.

In both Couples and Family therapy, we will be looking at the way patterns, habits and family roles are effecting your relationships. Your family should be the place where you find refuge, support, and a sense of belonging. Sometimes, bad habits and patterns left over from our families of origin cause difficulties in achieving family harmony. Things like poor communication, pent up frustrations and resentments or trust issues get in the way of our ability to feel close or supported in the family unit.
As your therapist, I will work to help you repair broken trust, improve communication and discover ways that you can begin to understand and honor each other. I will offer objective observations of your interactions and help you to work toward more satisfactory ones.

You can have a happy home life!

Family sessions generally run for 50 minutes and meet weekly.

Contact: Aurora Mandy (925) 864-4042