Therapy with children changes as they grow and mature. For older, more mature teens, therapy may look much the same as adult individual therapy. For the youngest of children, therapy may look much like play and for children in their preteens, therapy is often a mixture of the discussion that goes on in individual therapy and the play that happens with younger children. So what is play therapy? It is so much more than play! When guided by a trained psychotherapist children can work through issues such as grief, poor attachment, anxiety and issues related to abuse or attention deficit disorders. Through the context of play, children can learn to tolerate frustration, to interact in socially appropriate ways and to share feelings that they simply cannot put into words.

Is your child a candidate? If you can answer yes to any of the following questions then he or she probably is.

  • Has your child recently suffered a loss through a severed relationship or death and had a behavioral change?
  • Does your child get easily angered and find it difficult to control?
  • Is your child openly defiant of authority?
  • Does your child have difficulty forming friendships?
  • Has your child been the victim of abuse?
  • Does your child have difficulty delaying gratification, or is he or she overly impulsive?
  • Does your child become overly attached to strangers shortly after meeting or is he or she overly cautious and have difficulty forming bonds with others?
  • Is your child using inappropriate coping skills to deal with life such as avoidance, substance use or self abusing behaviors?
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  • Is your child unhappy, doing poorly in school or at the center of conflict in your family?

  • Child therapy sessions last 50 minutes and generally occur once weekly. Therapy with children may involve supportive contacts and consultations with teachers and other care givers when appropriate and approved by the parent/guardian.

    Contact: Aurora Mandy (925) 864-4042